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Alcoholic beverages and the actions that they have.Revia Online StoresX century there was a steady trend towards an increase in the number of alcoholics.Psychology, alcoholism - is everyday name for the term alcohol dependence.

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But then it turned out to be imaginary.This excludes the diagnosis of alcoholism.Revia Online StoresAlcohol increases proportionally reduced control.

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Progressive forgetting alternative interests in favor of alcoholism, increase the time required for the acquisition, alcohol or recover from its actions.The combination of physiological, behavioral and cognitive phenomena in which the use of alcohol begins to come in first place in the value system of the patient.Revia Online StoresPathogenetic mechanisms of action of alcohol on the body are mediated by several types of action of ethanol on the living tissue, and in particular to humans.

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X century, it was shown that with the increase of welfare level of population increased alcoholism.Model alcohol harmful to health.Revia Online StoresBinge interrupted without proper medical care, often accompanied metalkogolnymi psychosis.

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This excludes the diagnosis of alcoholism.There is a vicious circle of dependence - many days drinking, which can not be interrupted.Revia Online StoresMetalkogolnye psychosis - a mental disorder caused by chronic alcohol intoxication.

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Contribute to drunkenness, alcoholism and then many traditions.Alcoholism as a pathology goes through several stages of development, which are characterized by a gradual increase in alcohol dependence, decreasing the possibility of self-control in relation to the use of alcoholic beverages, as well as the progressive development of various somatic disorders caused by chronic alcohol intoxication.Revia Online StoresAlcoholics lost a critical attitude toward drinking and there is a tendency to justify each case of alcohol consumption.
Only from 1930 to 1965 the number of alcoholics has increased by more than 50 times.The psychological factor.Revia Online StoresSometimes there comes a weakening of breathing and heart activity begins coma, possibly fatal.
At this stage, there is a physical dependence on alcohol.As the central nervous system depressant, alcohol was used since ancient times man and, except for some religions, was even in the center of the sacraments.Revia Online StoresSubsequently, it was renamed metalkogolnye since it has been found that they are a consequence of long ethanol intoxication of the human body.
Alcoholism can also be terminated by death from acute alcohol intoxication, pancreatic necrosis in acute pancreatitis, alcoholic liver cirrhosis.To date, mental disorders are irreversible alcoholic deterioration occurs.Revia Online Stores
Metalkogolnye psychosis - a mental disorder caused by chronic alcohol intoxication.X century there was a steady trend towards an increase in the number of alcoholics.Revia Online StoresContribute to drunkenness, alcoholism and then many traditions.
The first stage of alcoholism is gradually moving into the second.It was the second stage occurs alcohol withdrawal syndrome, accompanied by headache, thirst, irritability, sleep problems, pain in the heart, trembling hands or whole body.Revia Online StoresSymptoms of psychosis develops after a few hours or days after the cessation of alcohol consumption.

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